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    The ECIB is an Imports Promotion Organization in the European Union (EU) which aids development of Regions and Countries. (Trade, Industry, Tourism)

    at your disposal....


    ECIB was created in December 1995 to satisfy an increasing demand from European buyers for discovering new and more competitive suppliers from all over the world.
    The main originality of the chamber that it is the first to be conceived and initiated throughout the Internet. As a matter of fact, 95% of our contacts, advice and information come through the internet. To enter our offices, you just have to be connected to our site .
    By being present on the Internet, ECIB clearly addresses the increasing need for communication between the different players in the business scene which is in a constant process of transformation.
    ECIB thus actively participates in the promotion of contacts between different partners in international trade, providing them with rapid access to information, with the help of the specialists at its disposal.

    ECIB invites your participation to make these exchanges even more fruitful.

    The President



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    E.C.I.B. -European Chamber of International Business
    • President
      M. Ludovic EMANUELY
    • General Secretary, director of external relations
      M. BenoƮt PRINCE
    • Commercial Department
      Director : M. Marc WILSON
    • Finance Department
      Director : M. Max LEBUR
    • Quality and Development Department
      Director : Mlle Sandra EMANUELY
    • Experts Department
      Director:M.Georges BAUER
    • Economic surveys, Market research, Country data files Department,
      Director: M.John MASCARA
    • Press Attach
      Laura LINDA


    E.C.I.B. European Chamber of International Business
    e-mail : ecib@ecib.com

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