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But if by simplicity you meant to express a general defect in those that profess and practice the excellent Art of Angling,nike free run 3 I hope in time to Free Running mens air max 87 disabuse you, nike free run 2 review and make the contrary appear so evidently, that if you will but have patience to hear me, I shall remove all the anticipations that discourse, or time, or prejudice, have possessed you with against that laudable and ancient Art;nike free run 3 sale for I know it is worthy the knowledge and practice of a wise man. But, Gentlemen, though I be able to do this, I am not so unmannerly as to engross all the discourse to myself; and, therefore, you two having declared yourselves, the one to be a lover of Hawks, nike free 4.0the other of Hounds, I shall be most glad to hear what you can say in the commendation of that recreation which Nike Free Run Black air max shoes each of you love and practice; and having heard nike air max 97 what you can say, I shall be glad to exercise your attention with what I can say concerning my own recreation and Art of Angling, nike free cheapand by this means we shall make the way to seem the shorter: and if you like my motion, I cheap air max sale would have Mr. Falconer to begin. Auceps. Your motion is consented to with all my heart; and to testify it, I will begin as you have desired me.

And first, for the Element that I use to trade in,nike free run 3 womens which is the Air, nike free run 2.0an 10 THE COMPLEAT ANGLER element of more worth than weight, an element that doubtless exceeds both the 2014 Free 5.0 air max 87 Earth and Water; for though I sometimes deal in both, yet the air is most properly mine, I and my Hawks use that most, and it yields us most recreation. It stops not the high soaring of my noble, nike free 2.0generous Falcon; in it she ascends to such a height as the dull eyes of beasts and fish are not able to reach to; their bodies are too gross for such high elevations; in the Air my troops of Hawks soar up on high, cheap nike shox and when they are lost in the sight of men, then they attend upon and converse with the Gods; therefore I think my Eagle is so justly styled Jove's servant in ordinary: and that Nike Free Run Green air max shoes very Falcon, that I am now going to see, deserves no meaner a title, nike free run low pricefor she usually in her flight endangers herself, like the son of Daedalus, to have her wings scorched by the sun's heat, she flies so near it, but her mettle makes her careless of danger; for she then heeds nothing cheap air max , but makes her nimble pinions cut the fluid air, and so makes her highway over the steepest mountains and deepest rivers, and in her glorious career looks with contempt upon those high steeples and magnificent palaces which we adore Run Free Nike air max womens and wonder at; from which height, nike free 4.0 v3 running shoesI can make her to descend by a word from my mouth, which she both knows and obeys, to accept of meat from my hand. to own me for her Master, to go home with me, and be willing the next day to afford me the like recreation.

And more; this element of air which I profess to trade in, the worth of it is such, and it is of such necessity, nike free run women that no creature whatsoever-not only those numerous creatures that feed on the face of the earth, but those various creatures that have their dwelling within the waters, every creature that hath life in its nostrils, stands in women Nike Free Run 2 air max need of my element. The waters cannot preserve the Fish without air, witness the not breaking of ice in an extreme frost; the reason is, for that if the inspiring and expiring organ of any animal be stopped, it suddenly yields to nature, and dies. Thus necessary is air, to the existence both of Fish and Beasts, nay, even to Man himself; that air, or breath of life, with which God at first inspired mankind, he, if he wants it, dies, becomes a Free Run Nike air max 90 sad object to all that loved and beheld Nike Run sale air max light him, and in an instant turns to putrefaction. Nay more; the very birds of the air, those that be not Hawks, are both so many and so useful and pleasant to mankind, that I must not let them 11 THE COMPLEAT ANGLER pass without some observations.

They both feed and refresh him; feed him with their choice bodies, Nike Free Run Shoes Menand refresh him with their heavenly voices:-I will not undertake to mention the several kinds of Fowl by which this is done: and his curious palate pleased by day, and which with their very excrements afford him a soft lodging at night:-These I will pass by, but not women Mens Nike Free Run Shoes air max those little nimble musicians of the air, that warble forth their curious ditties, with which nature hath furnished them to the shame of cheap nike air max trainers art. As first the Lark, when she means to rejoice, to cheer herself and those that hear her; she then quits the earth, nike runningand sings as she ascends higher into the air and having ended her heavenly employment, nike 5.0 free run grows then mute, and sad, to think she must descend to the dull earth, which she would not touch, but for free run 3.0 How do the Blackbird and Thrassel with their melodious air max 360 voices bid welcome to the cheerful Spring, and in their fixed months warble forth such ditties as no art or instrument can nike air max women reach to! Nay, the smaller birds also do the like in their particular seasons, as namely the Laverock, the Tit-lark, the little Linnet, and the honest Robin that loves mankind both alive and dead.